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Why InsureSTAT for these policies?

InsureSTAT is the leading online source for individual disability insurance for physicians, residents and fellows, nurses and physician assistants. Endorsed by top hospitals like Wake Forest Baptist Health, InsureSTAT has also created discounts for GME programs at UNC Chapel Hill with others in the works. Whether supplementing employer provided group coverage, fully insuring income, or finding alternatives due to previous underwriting difficulty the 50+ combined years of experience at InsureSTAT is ready to help in all facets of the medical community. With just a few clicks and some basic information from you, we can begin to evaluate your needs and which carrier will serve best in each scenario. All aspects of disability and life insurance can be covered…Let us help you!

  • Individually owned and portable policies
  • 50 combined years of helping physicians buy disability insurance from the best companies in the industry

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Resident and Fellow PhysiciansInsureSTAT is the leading independent online resource for resident and fellows seeking Individually owned Disability Insurance. Recognized as a truly critical piece of the planning strategy for all graduating resident and fellow physicians, disability insurance can be complicated if left to decipher language and benefits on one’s own. Most medical residents are reasonably protected during training by an employer provided Group Long Term Disability insurance policy that requires no sign up or monthly cost by the resident, however, there are significant advantages to locking in individually owned polices before walking out of the education setting for the last time. Here the main advantages and what InsureSTAT makes sure our clients can secure…

  1. Fully Portable and discounted individually owned policies allow for a locked in and level premium no matter where you practice medicine nationally and at the lowest available cost. All major carriers will offer a 10-20% discount from their “street” pricing to a resident BEFORE they graduate that carriers over to any increased benefits from their policy as income rises during a career.
  2. Own Occupation and Specialty Definitions can be included in any resident and fellow physician policy. This feature recognizes exact duties performed at the time of a disability as “your occupation” and allows you to receive benefits to age 65/67 if you can’t perform them anymore. However, it will allow you to earn unlimited income in another occupation or even medical field. This is critical for all surgical, interventional, or finite medical specialties.
  3. The ability to lock in pricing on a up to $7500/month in benefit as a resident with a built-in feature to allow increased benefits to $15k, $17k, $20,000/month without future medical review as income rises during a career.
  4. In select partnership with GME programs and Human Resource departments, InsureSTAT is able to bring access to maximum discounts, including unisex pricing to help females save nearly 40%. Additionally, access to policies without full medical review on an account by account basis can be designed with GME program and HR support.

Practicing PhysiciansInsureSTAT has been helping private practice and hospital employed physicians via insurance agent experience since 1972. With independent carrier access, major companies such as Ohio National, Guardian/Berkshire, The Standard, Principal, and Ameritas are all routinely reviewed and compared to provide customized quotes and policy design. We are fully aware of the vast range in planning needs from Family Medicine to General Surgery, ENT to Radiology and are prepared to help all medical specialties with the perfect fit.

Below are the main reasons a practicing physician needs InsureSTAT…

  • Perhaps you have no individual income protection at all
  • You bought a policy a long time ago but income has gone way up leaving you underinsured
  • You recently left a large employer provided plan and have no coverage or reduced amounts now
  • You just became a partner and are entitled to larger bonuses that aren’t insured by your group plan
  • It’s been many years since you secured a policy and simply don’t remember what you have, how much it would pay, and need a contact to help you analyze all needs AT NO COST
  • You have started your own practice or are a partner and need to insure your expenses through Overhead Expense protection

InsureSTAT will prepare quotes and proposals based on current income and any existing individual or group disability insurance in force. We will take into account your health history and guide you through the underwriting and policy implementation. InsureSTAT takes care of you while taking care of your earned income.

Licensed Nurse Practitioner’s, Nurse Anesthetists, Physician AssistantsInsureSTAT has made a commitment to reaching out to the needs of the fastest growing population within the medical community. Advanced Licensed Nurses and PA’s are now rapidly changing the landscape of the delivery of medicine in practices and hospital settings throughout the United States.

The Affordable Care Act, which was enacted in 2010, recognized PAs for the first time as one of three primary care providers (PAs, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians). The law also empowered PAs to lead patient-centered medical teams. Team-based care is at the core of a PA’s training. PAs can practice autonomously or in a collaborative relationship with other members of a patient’s healthcare team. This combination is a major source of their strength.

In the traditional financial services world, most planners tend to focus on the surgeon or higher income earners still found in the “MD” environment. However, with incomes ranging from $100,000 to in excess of $200,000 for PA’s and Nurse Practitioners, InsureSTAT has focused our site to offer immediate help and assistance to these professionals by bringing the same quality carriers and specialty own occupation contract language that has historically been designed for the physician.

With increased dual family incomes and far more licensed and full time female workers, it is absolutely critical that women have the same customized proposal and quoting services and policy design as MD counterparts. Highlights of the InsureSTAT difference for PA’s and Nurse Practitioners are as follows:

  • Individually owned and portable policies from all major carriers
  • Discounted policies in employer settings with 3 or more voluntary participants
  • Personal attention and assistance in supplementing employer provided TAXABLE group Long Term Disability by securing individual TAX FREE policies for fully insured income.
  • FREE current policy review and new policy benefit education

Danny Mensh is the CEO of InsureSTAT, the leading online provider of Disability Insurance for Physicians, Nurses and Physician Assistants.