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InsureSTAT is a hospital-endorsed, independent resource for physician, nurse, and resident disability insurance, including true own specialty disability insurance. (InsureSTAT has the exclusive endorsement for Physician Disability Insurance in various hospitals in the southeastern USA, including Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and UNC Medical Center Chapel Hill.)  Additionally, InsureSTAT has increased their offerings to include Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

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Why InsureSTAT for these policies?

InsureSTAT is the leading independent online source for the best disability insurance for doctors, physicians, residents, fellows, nurses, and physician’s assistants. Endorsed by top hospitals like Wake Forest Baptist Health, InsureSTAT has also created discounts for GME programs at UNC Chapel Hill with additional programs in development.

Whether supplementing employer-provided group coverage, fully insuring income, or finding alternatives due to previous underwriting difficulty, let the team at InsureSTAT leverage our 50+ combined years of experience to help find the best true own specialty disability insurance policy for you. We can quickly and efficiently evaluate your needs, recommending which carrier best satisfies all of your specialty disability and life insurance needs.

When you work with InsureSTAT to find doctor and resident disability insurance, you can expect:

  • Specialty specific disability insurance options
  • Fixed and level pricing
  • Discounts and the ability to increase benefits as income rises
  • Individually owned and portable policies
  • 50 years of combined experience helping physicians buy disability insurance from the best companies in the industry

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Danny Mensh was awarded the 2020 Wall of Fame Award for his success in help others with Physicians' Disability Insurance

InsureSTAT is the leading independent online resource for residents and fellows seeking true own specialty disability insurance. Recognized as a truly critical piece of the planning strategy for all graduating resident and fellow physicians, disability insurance can be complicated if left to decipher language and benefits on one’s own. 

Most medical residents are reasonably protected during training by an employer-provided group long term disability insurance policy that requires no signup or monthly cost by the resident. However, there are significant advantages to locking in an individually owned resident disability insurance policy before walking out of the education setting for the last time. 

Here are the key advantages of securing resident disability insurance through InsureSTAT:

  1. Fully portable and discounted individually owned policies allow for a locked-in and level premium no matter where you practice medicine nationally and at the lowest available cost.
  2. Major carriers will offer up to a 20% discount from their published pricing to residents prior to graduation. These savings carry over into their career and can be adjusted as income rises.
  3. True own specialty disability insurance is critical for all surgical, interventional, or finite medical specialties, and can be included in any resident and fellow physician policy. This feature recognizes exact duties performed at the time of a disability, allowing you to receive benefits up to a certain age if you can no longer perform those duties. A true own specialty disability insurance policy will also allow you to earn unlimited income in another occupation or medical field.
  4. Lock in pricing on up to $7,500 per month in benefits as a resident, with the ability to increase benefits as income rises, up to $20,000 per month, without future medical review.
  5. In select partnerships with GME programs and human resource departments, InsureSTAT provides access to maximum discounts, including “unisex pricing” to help female residents save up to 40%. Additionally, we can provide access to policies without full medical review for certain accounts through these partnerships.
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InsureSTAT has been helping private practice and hospital-employed physicians find physician disability insurance since 1972. With independent carrier access, major companies such as Ohio National, Guardian/Berkshire, The Standard, Principal, and Ameritas are all routinely reviewed and compared to provide customized quotes and policy design.

Needs vary by practice and specialty, and we are equipped to help find the best disability insurance for doctors across all medical specialties.

Why do practicing physicians need to work with InsureSTAT to find the best disability insurance?

  • You’re underinsured as a result of maintaining a policy from earlier in your career that hasn’t been adjusted to account for rising income.
  • You’re uninsured or underinsured after leaving a large, employer-provided plan.
  • You just became a partner and are entitled to larger bonuses that aren’t insured by your group plan.
  • You’re unsure what type of coverage you have and need help navigating and assessing your current policy.
  • You started your own practice or are a partner and need to insure your expenses through Overhead Expense protection.

InsureSTAT will prepare quotes and proposals based on current income and any existing individual or group disability insurance in force. We will take into account your health history and guide you through the underwriting process and policy implementation. InsureSTAT takes care of finding the right disability insurance policy to help protect you and your income.

Physician with InsureSTAT

If you’re looking for more information about income protection for nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, or physician’s assistants, InsureSTAT will help you navigate the best disability insurance options.

Highlights of the InsureSTAT difference for physicians assistants and nurse practitioners are as follows:

  • Individually owned and portable policies from all major carriers
  • Discounted policies in employer settings with 3 or more voluntary participants
  • Personal attention and assistance in supplementing employer-provided taxable group
  • Long Term Disability by securing individual tax-free policies for fully insured income.

As with all disability insurance policies we offer, InsureSTAT encourages those in the nursing field to take advantage of our free current policy review program and new policy benefit education.

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15:08 23 Oct 17
Selecting a disability insurance plan is complicated, especially if you aren't knowledgeable about the information. Working with InsureSTAT made the process much easier than if I had done it on my own. They worked around my busy schedule, and provided the education I needed to make an informed decision.
Lauren Hawkins
Lauren Hawkins
14:24 21 Oct 17
Danny met with me at my work based on my own availability and explained all the ins/outs of disability insurance. He was very professional, kind, and helpful. He answered questions via email later. I was automatically contacted when it came time to review my situation to see if I needed to increase my disability insurance. I have been very pleased with Danny and his team amd would highly recommend them.
Ken Bloch
Ken Bloch
11:51 12 Oct 17
The UnsureSTAT staff has the expertise, professionalism and experience to provide objective solutions. I rate Danny and his staff to be the “best of the best”.
Rebecca Ginn
Rebecca Ginn
23:44 11 Oct 17
Danny takes his time to answer all our questions. He is thorough and always provides exceptional customer service.
Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel
15:54 10 Oct 17
The entire team at InsureSTAT is great to work with and highly professional in their approach!

Danny Mensh is the CEO of InsureSTAT, the leading online provider of Disability Insurance for Physicians, Nurses and Physician Assistants.