The Best Disability Insurance for Doctors

InsureSTAT is a hospital-endorsed, independent resource for physician, nurse, and resident disability insurance, including true own specialty insurance. (InsureSTAT has the exclusive endorsement for Physician Disability Insurance in various hospitals in the southeastern USA, including Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and UNC Medical Center Chapel Hill.)  Additionally, InsureSTAT has increased their offerings to include Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

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Why InsureSTAT for these policies?

InsureSTAT is the leading independent online source for the best disability insurance for doctors, physicians, residents, fellows, nurses, and physician’s assistants. Endorsed by top hospitals like Wake Forest Baptist Health, InsureSTAT has also created discounts for GME programs at UNC Chapel Hill with additional programs in development.

Whether supplementing employer-provided group coverage, fully insuring income, or finding alternatives due to previous underwriting difficulty, let the team at InsureSTAT leverage our 50+ combined years of experience to help find the best true own specialty disability insurance policy for you. We can quickly and efficiently evaluate your needs, recommending which carrier best satisfies all of your specialty disability and life insurance needs.

When you work with InsureSTAT to find doctor and resident disability insurance, you can expect:

  • Specialty-specific coverage options
  • Fixed and level pricing
  • Discounts and the ability to increase benefits as income rises
  • Individually owned and portable policies
  • 50 years of combined experience helping physicians buy disability insurance from the best companies in the industry — offering the most advantageous benefit periods and shortest wait periods.
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Danny Mensh was awarded the 2020 Wall of Fame Award for his success in help others with Physicians' Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is especially beneficial to medical residents who are just starting their careers, and typically carrying costly student loans. Insurance is more affordable when purchased earlier into the career, and then the resident has a locked in rate for their entire career.

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Protect your income in the event of a disabling event or illness. Most insurance carriers will pay 60% of pre-disability income to retirement age.

Learn more about physician disability insurance.

Physician with InsureSTAT

InsureSTAT has a unique selection of individual disability insurance solutions for nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists and physician assistants.

Learn more about disability insurance for nurses.

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Short Term & Long Term Disability Coverage

Over 140,391 active resident physicians and fellows across all specialties in the U.S. (and 30,000 GME students) enter the workforce every year, and nearly all of them are experiencing the burden of student loan debt.

We work with young medical professionals every day to create customized, individual resident disability insurance coverage with the exact monthly benefits the resident or fellow may need.

Short term disability insurance coverage is affordable and provides support for temporary disabilities until the medical professional can return to work. Long term disability insurance policies are ideal for cases where a disabling condition ends the career of the medical professional, and provides support often until retirement.

Part of what goes into disability insurance cost is how long the coverage needs to be, and how early in your career you acquire it. We’re here to go over all the details with you so you feel good knowing you have the best disability insurance for you.

Modern, Powerful Medical Billing Solutions

Hospitals and private medical practices have one thing in common: quite often they’ve been using the same medical billing system for a long time. The software may be dated, and the time-saving features limited.

It’s not always immediately apparent how much that is costing the facility, especially in terms of accounts payable that have fallen out of view.

We see it frequently: a medical office will update their billing solution and, because of the powerful modern features, it suddenly becomes quick and easy to recover significant billables that had previously gone unpaid. In some cases, it meant an ongoing 35.6% boost in revenue after switching.

Danny Mensh is the CEO of InsureSTAT, the leading online provider of Disability Insurance for Physicians, Nurses and Physician Assistants.