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The Leading Provider of Physician Disability Insurance

InsureSTAT is the leading provider of professional disability insurance for doctors, residents, nurses, and physician’s assistants across the United States. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the most competitively priced and comprehensive professional disability insurance and loan protection policies. InsureSTAT also oversees GME programs for leading hospitals, including Wake Forest Baptist Health, and UNC Health.

The InsureSTAT Difference

  • Over 50 years of combined independent physician disability insurance specialization.
  • Nationally recognized for our unique free online disability insurance quotes and program design expertise.
  • Over 30 years of financial planning knowledge.
  • A suite of educational resources for young and established medical professionals to learn more about income protection planning and student loan protection
  • Competitive and comprehensive individual physician disability insurance policies and GME disability insurance programs
  • Skilled in true own specialty disability insurance, often referred to as own specialty occupation riders

Mensh Insurance and InsureSTAT

Mensh Insurance was originally founded in the 1970s by Jeffrey Mensh, whose father practiced gastroenterology at George Washington University for 30 years. Jeff leveraged his ability to communicate the fundamentals of professional disability insurance paired with his GWU network and local physician community to build his business. He quickly developed a national reputation as a leading individual physician disability insurance agent.

In the mid-1990s, Jeff’s son Danny joined the business after graduating from Duke University. Danny carried on his father’s focus on resident and physician disability insurance and moved the family business to Winston-Salem, NC, in 2004.

Endorsements from Trusted Partners

Since that time, Mensh Insurance has served as a hospital-endorsed professional disability insurance agency for the resident physicians and fellows at Wake Forest Baptist Health. We also created discounted supplemental programs for Cornerstone Health (now part of Wake Forest) and oversee the group’s long term disability program. This unique program provides coverage to all house staff officers and guarantees unisex rates for individual professional disability insurance policies via The Standard Insurance Company.

In addition to offering Guardian, Principal, and other competitive carriers, the independent approach has led to great success in ensuring that all graduating resident physicians and fellows lock in the most physician disability insurance benefits at the lowest possible cost.

Clients nationwide can rest assured that the Mensh Insurance team is well-equipped to offer InsureSTAT.com visitors customized physician disability insurance policies. This experience and independence make InsureSTAT #1 in the professional disability insurance market.

Contact us to learn more about our hospital-endorsed GME disability insurance programs.

Income Protection for Nurses, Residents, and Physicians

In recent years, along with the regular review of traditional domestic insurance products, Mensh partnered with Lloyds of London to offer high limit disability insurance and other unique insurance options unavailable through other companies. Perhaps the most innovative and exciting process has been to see a brand new, exclusive insurance policy built only for the graduating resident and fellow marketplace, student loan protection.

With 140,391 active resident physicians and fellows across all specialties in the U.S. and upwards of 30,000 GME students entering the workforce every year, nearly every student is experiencing the burden of student loan debt. InsureSTAT is extremely focused on helping young physicians access income loss protection needed to cover everything from rent and mortgage payments to student loan debt. We work with young medical professionals every day to create a customized, individual resident disability insurance policy with the exact monthly benefits the resident or fellow may need.

Our Commitment to Young Medical Professionals

There is no other insurance agency or website offering resident disability insurance as well as student loan protection with particular focus on resident physicians, fellows, practicing physicians, and nurses. InsureSTAT and the Mensh Insurance team understand those back-to-back years of training, residency, negotiating contracts, and moving can be overwhelming. InsureSTAT allows users to quickly receive a free online disability insurance quote to kick off the comprehensive review process, making the professional disability insurance review process as painless as possible.

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The InsureSTAT Rewards Program

Finally, InsureSTAT has created a rewards program to pass on significant discounts and savings opportunities when purchasing medical apparel such as WonderWink Scrubs, Alegria Shoes, Sockwell compression socks, and more. Through strategic partnerships, InsureSTAT is the only independent insurance agency providing physician disability insurance as well as access to discounts on medical apparel required for nurses and physicians. As part of our reward program, InsureSTAT is also committed to donating a portion of all website and insurance proceeds to local and national charitable institutions.

Your Trusted Professional Disability Insurance Advisors

The Mensh Insurance team supports all InsureSTAT.com users through the professional disability insurance application and approval process. We’ve even put together a list of frequently asked questions about resident and physician disability insurance, why InsureSTAT is different, and how the process works.

Whether you’re a young or established medical professional purchasing your first physician disability insurance policy or in need of a more comprehensive policy, we offer only the best disability insurance for doctors in every stage of practice.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Get started with a free online disability insurance quote today.

Daniel Mensh, President/Owner Mensh Insurance

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Danny Mensh is the CEO of InsureSTAT, the leading online provider of Disability Insurance for Physicians, Nurses and Physician Assistants.