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About InsureSTAT: The Leading Online Provider of Physician Disability Insurance

InsureSTAT is the leading online provider of physician disability insurance and medical student loan disability insurance for all resident physicians and fellows, practicing physicians and nurses across America. What makes our website and business model unique is:

  1. We bring over 50 combined years of independent insurance specialization via Mensh Insurance
  2. We are a nationally recognized digital marketing and design expert
  3. Our business developers have financial services experience and nearly 30 years of financial planning knowledge.

Together, our professionals have brought their collective creativity and turned to the Internet to design a site to educate younger medical professionals about income protection planning areas that have proven to be critical as physicians begin their careers.

InsureSTAT’s Beginnings

Mensh Insurance was originally founded in the 1970’s by Jeffrey Mensh whose father practiced Gastroenterology at George Washington University for 30 years. Jeff figured out how to communicate the inner workings of disability insurance and leverage the relationships through GWU and the local physician marketplace in Washington DC to build his business and a national reputation as a leading individual disability insurance agent. Eventually, when his son Danny joined the business in the mid-1990’s, having graduated from Duke University, he continued the focus on disability insurance and young physicians and moved the business to Winston Salem, NC in 2004.

Endorsements from Trusted Partners

Since that time, Mensh Insurance has served as the endorsed disability insurance agency for the resident physicians and fellows at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and created discounted supplemental programs for Cornerstone Health before they too became a part of Wake Forest. At Wake Forest, Mensh oversees the group Long Term Disability Program that insures all house staff officers and provides the only guaranteed issued and unisex rate individual disability policy program available via The Standard Insurance Company. In addition to offering Guardian, Principal and other competitive carriers, the independent approach has led to great success in ensuring that all graduating resident physicians and fellows lock in the most benefit at the lowest possible cost.

Most importantly to InsureSTAT, the Mensh Insurance team is ready and prepared to efficiently help all site visitors with customized design and implementation of their own personal policy anywhere in the country, not just limited to Winston Salem. This experience and independence makes InsureSTAT #1 in the disability insurance market.

Moving Forward with InsureSTAT to Insure Residents, Fellows and the Medical Professional’s Future

In recent years, along with the regular review of traditional domestic insurance products, Mensh partnered with Lloyds of London, to offer high limit disability insurance and other unique insurance that is not available via any other companies. Perhaps the most innovative and exciting process has been to see a brand new, exclusive insurance policy built ONLY for the graduating resident and fellow marketplace. This insurance is simply known as Student Loan Protection.

With nearly 40,000 graduating resident physicians and fellows annually and $188,000 of average student debt, InsureSTAT is extremely focused on helping the young physician not only insure lost income needed to pay rent, mortgages, family related costs and more, but to protect this debt load at the same time. Therefore, via ISI, InsureSTAT can bring an individual policy to our visitors by clicking through our quote engine and selecting exactly the amount needed to sleep comfortably at night without the fear of paying student loans with coveted disability insurance monthly benefits. To take this Student Loan Protection offer to a whole other level is the ability to avoid medical review completely if the client is in the process of buying a traditional income replacement policy from us, or if they have purchased one from InsureSTAT or anyone else in the past 12 months.

InsureSTAT’s Commitment to You

There is no other insurance agency or website business selling disability insurance and Student Loan Protection with particular focus on resident physicians and fellows, practicing physicians and nurses. InsureSTAT knows the pressures of these professionals, the time crunch on completing training yet negotiating new employment contracts, and moving themselves and likely an entire family to a whole new state or location. These younger physicians demand accuracy, efficiency, and an ability to deliver at all hours of the day. InsureSTAT allows our users to provide us with all information necessary to run proposals from all major carriers to begin a comprehensive review and can deliver Student Loan Protection for the first time ever, on a guaranteed issue basis up to $200,000.

The InsureSTAT Rewards Program

Finally, InsureSTAT has created a rewards program to pass on significant discounts and savings opportunities when purchasing medical scrubs, Alegria shoes or Sockwell compression socks. Through strategic partnerships, InsureSTAT is the only independent insurance agency to sell disability insurance and offer reduced cost options to its clients for medical supplies that are needed every day in the workplace by our medical-related clients. As part of our reward program, InsureSTAT is also committed to donating a portion of all website and insurance proceeds to local and national charitable institutions. Who else can bring the best ways to protect earned income, savings on medical supplies, AND make donations to organizations in need? There’s only one…InsureSTAT.

Daniel Mensh, President/Owner Mensh Insurance

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Danny Mensh is the CEO of InsureSTAT, the leading online provider of Disability Insurance for Physicians, Nurses and Physician Assistants.