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Why It Is Critical to Supplement Your Employer-Provided Long Term Disability Insurance

For many graduating residents and fellows there is a mad dash to graduation that includes negotiating employment contracts, taking boards, moving, and getting credentialed in new states. Oftentimes, making sure to secure individual disability insurance falls through the cracks despite huge discounts and easier underwriting and this piece then goes

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Experienced, Hospital Endorsed Disability Insurance Agents – Find them!

A series of very unfortunate circumstances occurred in this excellent article concerning a “Disability Insurance Debacle” found on https://www.whitecoatinvestor.com/5-financial-mishaps-that-led-to-the-physician-philosopher-blog/.   As an independent insurance agent for over 22 years I have seen nearly everything happen…good and bad in our industry. I have seen individuals with diagnosed medical history that would

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Specialty-Specific Disability Insurance for Medical Residents

No doubt, no question, and with TOTAL and COMPLETE CERTAINTY, the very top question asked by all medical residents and fellows when looking for their first individual disability insurance policy is: “Is the policy Specialty Specific?” In reality, this question makes no sense…in no disability insurance policy will you find

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