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InsureSTAT has already found ways to uniquely educate, design and make buying individual disability insurance and exclusive Student Loan Protection policies to the medical world…specifically, residents, fellows and younger physicians who are more interested and comfortable in using the internet to research and secure their policies.

By combining the highly sought after discounts that only residents who near graduation can obtain, InsureSTAT helps lock in the lowest possible rate that is fixed and guaranteed for the life of the contract. The physician is best taken care of by the detailed review and by fixing costs on these portable policies.

Of course, buy adding a separate policy to insure medical loan debt, InsureSTAT has paired the greatest stressors and created a single stop shop to remove that concern.

InsureSTAT has not stopped innovation at the design and implementation of insurance policies. In fact, we are the only website and business that offers access to the very products that all physicians wear to work every single day!

What if you, the physician who is buying Alegria Shoes, Wonderwink, MedCouture or Cherokee scrubs, or even Sockewell compression socks every year could actually buy them for less? Well, it’s simple…now you can and here’s how.

If you purchase scrubs from any of the 3 mentioned website businesses or compression socks from Sockwell, you will be given a CODE upon purchase that provides you with a 20% cost discount when you purchase products from those sites. Additionally, with your email consent, we can sign you up for automatic updates on Alegria shoes’ two closeout sales.

These are widely anticipated and allows you to buy shoes at far less cost than traditional monthly costs.

Finally, with email list enrollment, you will be automatically entered to win a free pair of scrubs as InsureSTAT will randomly select 2 winners per month.

InsureSTAT has built its business and products to fit the exact needs of every resident and fellow or younger physician in the medical world. We provide immediate access to disability income and loan protection products from the leading insurance carriers in the world and have now partnered with the most recognizable retail manufacturers of medical clothing so that you have the lowest possible cost for all of your needs.

We know that physicians have significant time pressures and want the best at their fingertips. InsureSTAT is excited about this new series of national partnerships so as to offer desired shopping items all in one place!

Danny Mensh is the CEO of InsureSTAT, the leading online provider of Disability Insurance for Physicians, Nurses and Physician Assistants.

Danny Mensh

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