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We Believe Doctors Should Have More Time To Spend With Their Patients

Fast Layne Solutions is a boutique healthcare consulting services and technology company focused on helping independent medical practices thrive financially while enhancing patient care and improving patient outcomes through the use of digital transformation strategies that redirect, reduce, or eliminate the overhead dedicated to manual processes.

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    Total number of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physicians’ assistants

    Does your practice require medication prior authorizations from insurance companies?

    Does your practice manually check your patients’ insurance eligibility (e.g. by staff calling the insurance companies or checking through their website)?

    Does your practice call patients to remind them of their appointments?

    Total Estimated Savings from Automation and Process Improvement: $

    We can automate your med prior auths and save you an estimated $ in labor costs per year.

    We can fully automate your eligibility checks and save you an estimated $ in labor costs per year.

    We can automate your appointment reminders and save you an estimated $ in labor costs per year.

    And on top of those savings, we can cut your insurance claim rejection rates to below 2%, whether you do billing in-house or you outsource.

    We can also introduce entirely new revenue streams for you at no cost to you, while also improving medication adherence and optimizing patient services.

    Click here to schedule a free, no-pressure, no-obligation 45-minute practice analysis. Within two business days of the meeting, we will generate a valuable report with estimates specific to your practice, so you’ll know exactly how much we can save you in costs and how much we can add to your revenue.

    Examples of problems we eliminate:

    • High insurance claim rejections and denials
    • Excessive charting time
    • Manual medication prior authorizations
    • Manual appointment reminders
    • Manual eligibility checks
    • Error-prone and labor-intensive double entry of payments due to unintegrated merchant services and online payment portals.

    We also help practices thrive by introducing them to entirely new revenue streams on a low- or no-touch basis. Examples include Advance Care Planning, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Chronic Care Management. We can even reduce stressors on staff by offering outsourced nurse triage, soon to be enhanced by the integration of AI-driven diagnostics.

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    Danny Mensh is the CEO of InsureSTAT, the leading online provider of Disability Insurance for Physicians, Nurses and Physician Assistants.