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Welcome to Mensh Insurance, your hospital endorsed provider of Disability Income protection for all Wake Forest House Officers and Fellows. Mensh Insurance is the leading independent disability specialist in the region. Through “The Standard”, we provide access to the only guaranteed issue1 program that avoids a full medical review for approval.  Approval is based solely on the eligibility requirements belowWe also bring discounts from the other recognized major carriers such as Ohio National, Principal, Ameritas, and Berkshire/Guardian.

Protect Your Income

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Your Group Disability Insurance Plan

All residents and fellows are insured by a group Long Term Disability Insurance plan via The Standard Insurance Company. Benefits cover 66 2/3% of salary to a maximum of $3,000/month, with benefits payable to age 65. It’s not until you reach an annual income of $54,000 that you would exceed the maximum of $3,000 in monthly benefit. For those earning in excess of $54,000, many will secure individual supplemental policies to insure the difference.

Guaranteed Issue Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be an active Housestaff officer or Fellow at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • You must have been actively at work 30 hours/week or more for the last 180 days
  • You can’t ever have applied elsewhere and been DECLINED for DISABILITY INSURANCE by another insurance company

2018 Graduating Residents

The guaranteed issue1 feature from The Standard Insurance Company allows up to $5,000/month and is available to those within 12 months of their Graduation date. This plan can be increased to $15,000/month after graduation. If you have a signed employment contract before graduation, we CAN USE THIS to secure up to $15,000/month of benefit before you finish your training to lock in the single higher benefit right away. In addition all other carriers, such as Principal, Guardian and Ameritas are available for review.


We understand and value your independence and freedom to work with any agency to secure valuable disability insurance. However, please note that should you apply with any insurance company and have medical conditions that could exclude you from protection, you could become immediately ineligible for our guaranteed issue1 program that Wake Forest has procured on your behalf. We strongly urge you to talk to us before applying anywhere else and risking ineligibility. We provide access to all carriers and all discounts are the same from all agencies. We will go above and beyond by protecting not only your income but your insurability under all circumstances.

Non Graduating Residents

The hospital provided Group Disability plan is designed to replace 66 2/3% of your income while in training. However, if you are on claim receiving benefits that amount will be taxed as ordinary income. We suggest that all residents consider securing an individual policy without medical review and this will pay $1,500/month tax free. This will help replace what you lose in tax from the Group plan benefit and allow you to lock in the first $1,500/month of your individual protection at a younger age. As a resident, you will pay this cost but it will be fixed and is portable for your whole career. Special rates are the same for males and females. Depending on your age and medical specialty, rates for a 28 year old start at $28.55/month. During the 12 months before graduation you can the automatically increase from $1,500/month to $5,000/month without any medical review or exams.

Sample Monthly Rates

Non Graduating $1,500 Monthly Benefit Non Tobacco














































5P – Internal/Family Med, Pediatrics, Endocrinologist, Hematologist
4P – Cardiologist, Dermatologist, General Practitioner, Gastro
4S – Neurologist, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, ENT, Urologist
3P – Anesthesiologist, Emergency, Ortho Surgeons

[1] Approval is based solely on the eligibility requirements

Protect Your Income

Physician Disability Insurance Quote

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Medical Review Required

“InsureSTAT was instrumental in helping me secure quality disability insurance through their experience in the field and dedication to their customers.”

Dr. John Shields
Department of Orthopedics

Guardian, Ameritas, Principal, Ohio National, The Standard
Medical Students

Why Consider Coverage Now?

Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Policy Now

  1. Lock in discounted rates that are fixed for your entire career and won’t be available after graduation.
  2. Avoid medical review by securing the only guaranteed issue1 policy available that avoids a full medical review for approval to include specialty own occupation language and access to more coverage after graduation.
  3. Place individual coverage in force before adding future employer provided benefits. By having individual coverage in place first, you are free to stack future coverage in unlimited amounts.

Why Mensh Insurance for these policies?

Daniel Mensh, President/Owner Mensh Insurance

Based on 40 years of experience in the medical marketplace working with physicians in all fields, Mensh Insurance can bring the top insurance contracts from the best companies in the industry to you. Principal, Met Life, Guardian, and The Standard are recognized as having the best and most flexible policies for physicians. Additionally, Mensh Insurance has negotiated significant discounts for Wake Forest that you will only be able to find from them. Bringing these comprehensive and discounted plans together for your review and comparison simplifies your planning process and allows you to make an educated decision. Mensh Insurance has effectively managed discounted disability insurance programs for Medical Societies in the Mid Atlantic, The North Carolina Bar Association, and a major Winston Salem based teaching hospital.

Mensh Insurance + InsureSTAT

Due to the continued focus on disability income protection for resident and fellow physicians, and physicians in advanced stages of their careers, Mensh Insurance has partnered with www.InsureSTAT.com to form the nation’s leading online resource for all disability related products. Examples include:

  • Individual disability insurance from carriers such as Ohio National, The Standard, Principal, Guardian/Berkshire, Ameritas
  • Group LTD products from all major carriers for practices and hospitals
  • Business Overhead Expense, Buy Sell, Loan Protection
  • Student Loan Protection and Lifestyle Valueguard to pay lump sums in the event of disability
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment to include Needle Stick and Abuse

Other major occupational areas of focus for www.InsureSTAT.com are:

  • Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Paramedics

www.InsureSTAT.com has several primary components…a retail model to provide searches with immediate access to rates, products, and educational resources anywhere in the United States. Second, the ability to provide website customization for hospitals, GME programs, health care systems to enhance voluntary or employer funded disability insurance programs. Key to the development of new business is the coordinated partnership with local and regional insurance and financial planning organization who may have existing relationships with medical facilities or programs but needs specialization and access to unique product offerings in the disability insurance world.